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Learning is a way of Life @ Samspra Academy!


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  Experience New Generation Learning: Samskar (culture) and Parampara (tradition) under SamsPra!   

Samspra Academy is a private school developed by the classroom teachers for students.

Early Childhood program: (Pre -K to Grade 3) 

Weekly Enrichment Classes are offered after school, evenings, & weekends.

Summer Camps & workshops are seasonal offerings and fill up quickly. Contact us to save your spot.  

Samspra Academy focuses on quality, balanced academic education, and cultural enrichment for all students irrespective of age, race, religion, or gender.

Our teachers are professional Educators, and talented Artists,  whose goodwill & passion is simply to give back to the community through Samspra Academy. 

At Samspra, quality is a necessity, not a luxury.

Not affiliated with any political or religious organizations.



We've Got Your Interest Covered! 


At Samspra Academy, we know what it takes to enhance our future generation. Our unique approach to learning makes us more than just any ordinary school. It’s a life experience. Samspra is a place to go for all your academic and enrichment needs.   Our commitment to instilling knowledge with goodness sets us apart. 

Its Work, Play & Everything in Between


Academic Excellence


    Math (Kinder to Grade 8)

    Science (Kinder to Grade 8)

    Reading & Writing​ (Kinder - Grade 8)

    Exams & Next Grade Level Prep