Here at Samspra, we empower our students to embrace this world as their home, and not trace the lines of the borders on the map. We are positive that our students will experience a unique, innovative, and balanced education in Academics, Arts & Global Cultural learning that will help our younger generation explore and experience.


Samspra Academy was started and is maintained by a team of experienced classroom teachers for our students. We got a start in 2017 to offer Global Cultural and Enrichment classes. The school received its private school status in 2019. 

Today Samspra Academy offers Pre-K to Grade 3 along with weekly enrichment courses, online classes, summer camps, and seasonal workshops. ​

Our team comprises of dedicated, passionate staff, eminent artists, and talented teachers working with bold and curious minds.


We know that you are passionate about learning. ​We give you the tools needed to grow and succeed. Choose the classes of interest, go above and beyond in and have fun exploring!