Here at Samspra, we empower your children to embrace this world as their home, and not trace the lines of the borders on the map. We are positive that our students will experience a unique, innovative, and balanced education in Academics, Arts & global Cultural learning that will help our younger generation explore and experience.


Samspra got its start in 2017 to offer Global cultural and enrichment classes and received its Private School status in 2019 to enroll

Pre K - Grade 3. 


Our goal has channeled towards providing balanced educational support and services to people in the Greater Austin area.

Our team comprises of dedicated, passionate staff, eminent artists, and talented teachers working with bold and curious minds.


We can give our students and you the tools needed to grow and succeed.

Samspra Academy goes above and beyond in providing the opportunity for students to pick their classes of interest. We know that you are passionate about learning.

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Letter from Founder & Director of Samspra Academy

Dear Parents,

Namaste to All



On behalf of the Samspra community,


I welcome you to a brand-new school year filled with enthusiasm and excitement. Samspra is a vibrant and active educational community where students come first. The 5 C's  - Character, Culture, Competence, Creativity, and Community are evident the moment you enter our doors. We thank you for choosing us and for providing us with the opportunity to get to know you and your child.

Samspra Academy is committed to providing quality, balanced academic and cultural enrichment education to students ages 3 and above, irrespective of race, color, gender, and socioeconomic status.


The enrichment classes we offer at Samspra are to develop the whole being of a student, by fostering the joy of learning, love for arts and culture, and to be proud of our rich heritage.

 Pre K- Grade 3 programs focus on developing the whole being of a child. By treating students with respect, we influence them to recognize knowledge along with goodness.
Samspra Academy teachers inspire children to explore their individuality, creativity, and critical thinking while building a strong foundation in core academics in early childhood and providing opportunities to get involved in enrichment activities according to individual interests and minds disposition in the safe, learner-friendly and serene educational atmosphere of Samspra.

Our mission is to develop next-generation of noble leaders to be dedicated to acquiring knowledge, being confident, devoted to uphold strong moral values and be mindful of themselves and their surroundings by exposing students sufficiently to a well-rounded Balanced Academic and Cultural Education.

We hope that our site will answer many of the questions you may have throughout the year. However, please do not think twice about contacting us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child or our program.

Your involvement and knowledge of your child’s school experience will help your child gain trust,  and acceptance to the school, new people, and build friendships. Our door is always open- we welcome your support, questions, concerns, and comments.

I hope the years to come will hold many cherished memories for you and your child.


Hema Raja
M.Ed., Curriculum & Educational Administration


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Samspra Academy

9912 Vikki Ter,   Austin - 78736