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A Divine Instrument

Veena is a representation of divinity in sound and wisdom.

It is said to eradicate evil and bestow goodness. 

"Darshnasparshanechaasya Bhogaswargaapavargadhe Puneetho Viprahathyaadhi Paathakaihpathitham janam
Dandahshambhurumaa Thanthree kakubhah kamalapathihi Indiraapathrikaa Brahma Thumbu Naabhih saraswathee
Dorako Vaasukeerjeeva Sudhamshuh Saarika Ravihi Sarvadevamayee thasmaath Veeneeyam Sarvamangalaa.”


Seeing or touching the Veena bestows comfort both during and after one’s lifetime. Lord Siva in the body, Parvathi in the strings, Vishnu in the bridge, Lakshmi in the Main resonator, Brahma in the secondary resonator, Saraswathi in the naabhi (center part of the chest board which resonates the sound), Vasuki the serpent king in the pegs, Moon in the Jeevala (the cotton thread pieces used between the string and the bridge) and Sun God in the frets, and thus all Gods are invoked in the Veena, and hence it is indeed a very auspicious instrument.


Beginner: Basic lessons starting with Saraliswaras, Janta Swaras, alankaras, and geetams and introduction to gamakas.

Intermediate: Students learn, Varnams, smaller Krithis, complex gamakas, and keertanams.

Online and Hybrid classes

Samspra Veena Class.jpg

Online class until COVID Situation relaxes. Online classes may continue upon student request.  


400/Term or 105/Month


$ 520/ Term or 135/ Month

 Sundays: 12-30 Pm CST onwards

Additional timings available.

 Contact school for details.



Telugu  is known for its mellifluousness, and vast repository of rich literature.

This language will be taught by our expert teacher using innovative approach that enables students to  speak ,read , write and appreciate the beauty of the language. 


Online classes for safety and comfort. May continue on student request.



Age 4 and Above 

$140/Term or $40/month


Wednesday: 6-7 PM

Additional timings available.



About Teacher

Hiring New Veena & Telugu Teacher - Potential teacher Candidates, contact us!

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