Our Educators

Our Educators are not only certified and professional teachers, they are also fully aware of our student's growth potential and are mindfully committed to our students success.    

Our teachers also understand that each and every student 

1. is a brimming vessels always making room for more knowledge

Aano bhadraha krithavo yanthu vishwathaha

 2. They will be a step ahead not just in one direction but a leader in every room they walk into

Vidhwathwam cha nripathwam cha naiva tulyam kadachana

swadeshe pujyathe raja vidhwaan sarvathra poojyathe

 3. Because they will lead not by walking alone, but by taking everyone along,

san gacchadhvam sam vadadhvam sam vo manamsi janatam/


We Come together, Speak together, and let our minds be all of one accord

 samani va akuti: samana hrdayani vah/

samanamastu vo mano yatha va: susahasati// 

Let our aim be one and single! Let our hearts be joined as one.

United be our thoughts. At peace with all, may we be together in harmony.


Everyone that enters her door becomes part of a special and supportive community because of the warmth she radiates. 

Hema Raja is Known for her dynamic choreography, beautiful expressions, statuesque poses, and uncompromising style in tradition and devotion.
She is a disciple of Smt. Mutulakshmi who was a prominent dancer in South India, with a temple dancer lineage. Hema has been teaching in Austin for over 20 years.  Several students performed traditional Bharthnatyam Arangetram (dance Graduation) under her able guidance. She has been giving dance performances since age 6. She has over 100 performances in the USA and India.
Hema's dances also combine the elements of Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, and Kathak dance forms, to convey the stories, poems, culture, traditions, myths, and legends of various countries. Her passion to instill in her students a love for Bharatanatyam, arts, and culture is evident in her ways of teaching.
As a guru, she works tirelessly to train her students to perform to the best of their abilities. She truly loves every child that enters her doors. At the same time, she is an extraordinary dance professional. She takes the time to make sure the steps, expression, and energy are just right and honor this art form at the highest level. She does not stop until we achieve that elusive and special vibration (as she calls it) that connects dancer with the God & the audience. Hema has an educational background in Microbiology,  Educational Curriculum, and Administration.


Shri. Manu Narayanan

(Swami Ananda Nadayogi)

Our Proud teacher who conducted Samspra's 1st classes during the school inception and an ardent supporter!

Ananda Nadayogi is trained in Indian Classical Violin and Vocal by the legendary musician, Lalgudi G. Jayaraman and his son Lalgudi GJR Krishnan hailing from the disciple lineage of the great Trinity music composer Saint Thyagaraja. Ananda underwent training in the Gurukula system, staying at the Master’s residence. In the Indian classical Violin playing, Lalgudi style is traditional, innovative, vibrant and a judicious blend of musicianship and technique.

Ananda Nadayogi has graduated in Indian Music from the University of Madras. He is a versatile violinist of the Indian Classical music genera. He has collaborated with many world-class musicians in various concerts. Ananda Nadayogi has the credit of teaching Carnatic Violin and Vocal over a period of two decades in India, Middle East, Singapore and the United States of America.   Ananda Nadayogi also is an adept practitioner and instructor of traditional Yoga.


Radhika, with her passion for music, and dedication to teaching has already earned the trust of her Guru, parents and students. A great role model for our younger generation!

Radhika is an Electrical Design Engineer by profession and Carnatic music is her passionate hobby. She started learning at the age of 5. She has learnt under various teachers in Chennai, India and she continues to learn under her music Guru. She considers myself a student, educator and lifelong learner and above all an ardent rasika of Carnatic music.

Radhika has been teaching Classical Vocal music At Samspra Academy for the past 2-years. Under her able guidance, she transforms novice singer to perform and show case their music ability. Radhika's love for music also encouraged her to teach, organize and perform at many local events in Austin.

Ms. Radhika Venkatasubramanian


Dr. Rana Singh

Language: Hindi

A supporter of Samspra and its values, Dr. Singh motivates and inspires our team consistently with his commitment and talent. He believes strongly in the value of education, and of hard work and determination in achieving even difficult goals.  He also believes in encouraging creativity, kindness, and compassion in children, and in the importance of teaching them respect and appreciation for all faiths.  

Rana Singh was born and grew up in Punjab. He has a BTech from IIT Kharagpur, an MS from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a PhD from MIT. After a career in the semiconductor industry, he retired in 2014. Now he enjoys giving back to society, including volunteering at Capital Area Food Bank, math coaching of economically disadvantaged students (APIE), career development talks to middle schoolers, and judging at the Austin Science Fair.When his daughter was in middle school, he tutored her and some of her friends in Hindi so that they could enjoy their visits to India, understand Hindi movies and culture.  This also enabled his daughter to place out of her first quarter of college-level Hindi.  It all culminated in publishing a primer for introducing American-born children to the basics of Hindi.  He has come to see how much he greatly enjoys teaching children Hindi and Math.


Ms. Sharmistha Bansal aspires to develop a well-rounded skill set in her students. She believes that every child is unique, has different ways of processing stimuli and learning patterns.


Ms. Bansal is passionate about developing and fostering
appropriate skills and social abilities to enable the optimal development
of children according to their age, ability and aptitude.  She has a Master’s
degree in Commerce, a Bachelor of Education degree in Commerce,
Teachers training certificate in elementary education and is also formally
trained in the International method of teaching. She has completed a
certification in Psychology and Counselling, covering introduction to
psychology, counseling skills & techniques, psychological testing and
assessment, mental disorders, behavioural & academic difficulties in
children, REBT & special education. With 8 years of work experience as
a Pre-K, elementary teacher and a curriculum designer, she is adept in
implementing and designing changes according to the age, capability
and aptitude of the child. She is currently pursuing her teachers’
certification course here in Texas.

Ms. Prema Ranjit

Ms. Prema is very generous and one of those who contributed greatly to Samspra and its student community since Day One!

Art and Painting

Drawing and Painting have been Prema's passion and she has been painting since she was in elementary school. She comes from a family of artists. She has been teaching art classes for 8 years in Austin. She enjoys colors, creating images and loves the look of pride on the kid's face when they have created something beautiful on their own. 

Sloka class for kids

Prema has been teaching Hinduism and sloka for kids in South Austin for the past 8 years. She believes that kids should be taught our Hindu culture through stories, the Epics, songs, and slokas. Chanting Vishnusahasranamam ( Thousand names of Lord Vishnu) is known to enhance the health and happiness of children in the home, improves memory and promote their overall welfare. 


Ms. Bhuma Devi Kannan

Born to Teach -  Bhuma Kannan is every child's dream teacher!

Bhuma has a Bachelors in Electronic Science. She is originally from Chennai. I have been teaching Tamil language  for 7 years.


Ms. Devi Swapna Venkatagiri

Hands-on STEAM Lab

Loom Knitting / Crochet

With an analytical mind and a keen eye for detail, Swapna finds a great balance! 

Swapna is a trained and certified Architect (Building Design and Construction) from India. She earned her bachelors degree in Architecture from SAP, Anna University Chennai and masters in Construction management from NICMAR, Pune. She is also a LEED-Accredited Professional (Green building Design) and a certified Web Developer. Before moving to Austin in 2007, she managed the residential development at Mahindra World City, Chennai.

Her desire to work with children and kindle their curiosity motivated her to become a teacher. She has experience teaching at different schools including, Austin Tamil School for 5 years, coaching math pentathlon at Mills elementary and her son’s cub scouts activities. She has offered  summer camp classes including various hands on craft and STEAM activities. She looks forward to applying her diversified education and work experience to provide you and your child an enriching experience in her classes at Samspra. 


Mr. Saavan Patel

With a passion to impart authentic classical Hata Yoga in the West as a means for inner balance & Wellbeing, Saavan has become part of Samspra! 


Saavan Patel is a professionally trained classical Isha Hata Yoga teacher. From the age of 8 to 18, he grew up in Isha Samskriti, a traditional gurukul environment at the Isha Yoga Center in South India. There, students live with their masters and are in constant practice towards mastering an art form. During his time at Isha Samskriti, Saavan mastered Hata Yoga and Kalaripayattu (martial arts). Additionally, he has learned various Indian art forms such as  Ayurveda, Sanskrit, classical music and dance. In 2018, he graduated from Isha Samskriti as a certified Isha Hata Yoga teacher. He passionately seeks to share the ancient science of yoga as a tool for wellbeing for the world. Saavan has conducted yoga workshops in India and the United States. He offers programs for children, adults, pregnant women, and also offers personalized combinations of practices for various health conditions. Saavan is excited about sharing his skills with the students of Samspra Academy.

  • Spent 10 years learning various Indian art forms at Isha Samskriti in India and mastered yoga and Kalaripayattu (an Indian martial art)

  • Professionally trained & certified Yoga teacher by Isha Hatha School of Yoga

Isha Hata Yoga 

Kalaripayattu (Ancient Martial Arts)


Ms. Swathi Sampath

“Swathi strongly believe that it’s our prime responsibility to explain the rich legacy of our culture to the younger generation which we have inherited from our ancestors”.


             Right from childhood, Swathi has been immersed and brought up focusing on the Sanatana Dharma scriptures and Literary works. She believes that these scriptures have different takeaways at different points in one’s lifetime.

            She loves teaching and was an art instructor for two years. She joined art school at the age of 7. She believes that Art enhances the memory power thereby improving the overall cerebral ability. She is also an illustrator for an Indian kid’s magazine.

            An engineer by profession, she has experience teaching mathematics for middle school. Swathi also holds an MBA degree in Human Resources. She loves teaching Sanskrit and aims at providing the structured language to kids thereby making them inherit the rich legacy of our culture.

 Ms. Mahalakshmi reveals the secret to a delicious and healthy home-cooked meal. Try her class to believe if Fresh Ingredients, authentic recipe, with a bit of affection does the magic to a hungry tummy!

A long time teacher, who holds a masters degree in Computer Applications explains her love for cooking, and passion to pass on the authentic, traditional Indian cooking to us all.
"I like to try and cook different varieties

especially Indian traditional items.  I have inherited most of my cooking recipes from my Mother& Grandmother, who are great cooks. Even today, I continue to learn from them. I feel Indian cooking is time tested and learning to cook is never-ending.
I would love to teach and pass on whatever I know and have learned so far".

Mahalakshmi Vasudevan


Ms. Deepika Ganeshan

 Cooking has been one of my passions. I love to experiment with ingredients around the kitchen and create new dishes. I have had summer cooking camps and have helped kids become independent and develop a passion for cooking.



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