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Our Educators

Our Educators are not only certified and professional teachers, they are also fully aware of our student's growth potential and are mindfully committed to our students success.    

Our teachers also understand that each and every student 

1. is a brimming vessel, always making room for more knowledge

Aano bhadraha krithavo yanthu vishwathaha

 2. They will be a step ahead not just in one direction, but a leader in every room they walk into

Vidhwathwam cha nripathwam cha naiva tulyam kadachana

swadeshe pujyathe raja vidhwaan sarvathra poojyathe

 3. Because they will lead not by walking alone, but by taking everyone along,

san gacchadhvam sam vadadhvam sam vo manamsi janatam/


We Come together, Speak together, and let our minds be all of one accord

 samani va akuti: samana hrdayani vah/

samanamastu vo mano yatha va: susahasati// 

Let our aim be one and single! Let our hearts be joined as one.

United be our thoughts. At peace with all, may we be together in harmony.


Everyone that enters her door becomes part of a special and supportive community because of the warmth she radiates. 

Hema Raja is a passionate educator committed to student- education. She is a Microbiologist, who channeled her focus to education, to follow her dreams.  She is a Texas certified Master Science Teacher and principal. Her educational-work experience ranges from classroom teaching (Elem & Middle schools), providing professional development training for teachers, serving on Texas standardized STAAR test committee, school administrator, to serving on the board of a couple of non-profit & educational institutions.

Hema is also a classical Bharthnatyam dancer and instructor for over 20-years in Austin. She is excited to teach.


Ms. Devi Swapna Venkatagiri


With an analytical mind and keen eye for detail, Swapna finds a great balance.

Swapna is a trained and certified Architect (Building Design and Construction) from India. She earned her bachelors degree in Architecture and masters in Construction management. She is also a LEED-Accredited Professional (Green building Design) and a certified Web Developer. 

Her desire to work with children and kindle their curiosity motivated her to become a teacher. Her past experience include teaching and volunteering in various schools and coaching math pentathlon, for over 5 years. Swapna currently teaches Pre-k class, conducts summer camps, including various hands on craft and STEAM activities at Samspra. She applies her diversified education and work experience to provide you and your child an enriching experience. 

Swapna Venkat
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