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Learn all about Samspra Academy and why we’re the right school for you. In this section, we have compiled frequently asked questions that we’ve received over the years. If we missed your question, please reach out and a member of our staff will get in touch with you.

What Changes can I expect at Samspra Academy due to the COVID-19?

We understand this situation can be very difficult for parents as well as students. We are here to support you. Our teachers believe in the continuity of student education. We are willing to adapt and work efficiently for our students. All our classes are ongoing without any interruptions. Students are greatly benefiting from the individualized and small group instructions, provided both online and selective social distance classes. 

Online classes began on March 18th, 2020.  Predict to keep this way until Dec 2021. There are options of hybrid or in-person classes. Do not let time slip by while you debate if online classes are right for you.  Enroll Now and continue learning. Contact the school for more details. Utilize this opportunity to be part of Samspra and explore new generation learning, with the most dedicated and committed group of teachers.


  1. Samspra Academy offers Preschool, Kinder from ages 3 - Grade 3 classes M-F from 8:30 -4 pm (before and after school available) 

  2. We offer hand-picked weekly enrichment classes to high-quality Academic tutoring: 

  • Tutoring: Math, Science, reading, and writing for all students in Elementary, MS, and HS students

  • Fine Arts: Classical Indian Dance, Dance movement, Music, Instruments, Violin, vocal, piano, cooking 

  • Motor & Brain Skills: Hands-on STEAM, Knitting, Handwriting improvement, Creative writing, Debate & public speaking, Crochet, and painting. 

  • Languages:  Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit  

  • Cultural classes: Yoga, Sanatan Dharma, Bhajan, and sloka


Summer camps and Workshops make sure students retain skills learned, try out new interests, and have a fun-filled learning experience.  

We work to make sure students stand out as noble leaders in the real world. 
All classes are conducted and offered by certified or experienced and exemplary teachers and professional artists!

Can I register even after a term has begun ?

Yes, we accept new students throughout the year.  Register at You will hear from the respective class teachers.

How does Samspra Early childhood Program standout?

Samspra Academy offers the Early Childhood Program for Pre k to Grade 3 Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm. Samspra curriculum standards (SEKS) are one step ahead of Texas's essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), at least above a grade level. Students learn using hands-on exploration and experiences.

We offer hand-picked weekly enrichment classes to high-quality academic tutoring.  Fine Arts, classical Indian Dance, Carnatic Music, Instruments, Violin, vocal lessons, cooking courses, languages: Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, painting, crocheting, STEAM, Yoga and global cultural classes are our highlight.  All of our classes are designed to create a learner-centered environment.
The classes are offered by experienced and exemplary teachers and professional artists!


Samspra accepts students Ages 3 & Up in Early Childhood Program
After school and weekend classes are designed for ages 3 & up to adults.  Depending on the level & challenges, some of our enrichment classes have prerequisite and minimum age requirements.


Yes, you can visit us during the beginning of the year Open House, during the semester and monthly know Us events and during our students' performance days. You will have plenty of opportunities to tour the school, observe the classes, and or meet the teachers.

If you like to visit us or preview a class, you will need to secure your appointment.

You can contact the school before you head our way so we know to expect you.

Our doors are secured. We will open them for you upon your arrival. The safety of our students is our priority! 

NOTE: Contact US ahead for details.  

Does Early Childhood Program registration apply for Enrichment programs offered after school and weekends? 

Early Childhood Program (preschool, Kinder and grade level) and weekly Enrichment classes are two different programs. They have separate tuition, hours of operation, registration requirements, and format. However, payments made to Samspra Academy can be combined. Class tuition also varies from each student, depending on private, group sessions, and the selection of classes. Refer to the programs in the offerings page for details.

How Do I register & pay for the classes? 

Complete the registration paperwork in person or you may fill our online Registration Form and Waiver of Liability Form 

Payments are due by your 1st class. If you choose to pay monthly, you may pay on or before 7th of each month to avoid late fee. You may use check, cash or pay online using your bank bill pay or zelle. 


Information is available on the registration form, the Weekly classes, and Summer class pages. (Available on the menu tab). Our school calendar year is divided into Terms.

Fall Term: End of August to December

Spring Term: January to April

Summer Term: May - August

Summer programs are conducted in May, June, July, and August

I have already registered my child last year at Samspra Academy. D0 I have to register again annually?

Yes. All students have to register every school year, and pay the registration fee, abide to the registration and school guidelines.

There are several important reasons why student need to register annually. This is a needed function to employ proper record keeping and updating information annually, to serve our students better. 

Registration has been a method that has been utilized not just at Samspra, but in good school management policies throughout.  

It is important for the school to make sure all students are registered and the school has accurate information related to students: where they live, phone numbers, emergency contact, allergy/ medical information, and other important information that the school requires for our records. 
Also, the school has to know that students and parents agree to our policy, guidelines etc,,
This is especially important with online classes. 
Lastly, class registrations help us to organize our classes based on enrollment of students, their choices of classes, allotting classes, times, levels, to monitor attendance and to paying our teachers. 

Kindly register at and help us manage, organize and work efficiently with students, parents and teachers.

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