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Samspra Kinder Program is committed to developing Noble Leaders in this digital era.

We are here to help them Excel.

Kinder Program FOR AGES 5 -6

Children in the Garden

Children are not mere reservoirs of knowledge. We want students to feel safe, grow, learn and experience well-balanced activities that are developmentally appropriate in a stimulating, challenging, and creative, in their own time and their unique way.


Give the benefit of a safe, family-friendly learner environment for your growing child!

Apply Now at Samspra!



Hours of Online Class Operation & Tuition

(Classes may resume in person as soon as COVID -19 situation relaxes)

Days:  Monday- Friday 

Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Number of Students: Only 3- 6 students / class. 

Rotation Schedule: Your child will rotate with at least  two different teachers for different subjects

Students will learn:

Math, Vocab Building, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Science, Movement,

Art, Painting,  Handwriting Improvement

Tuition - $ 290.00/ Month


Annual, non-refundable Registration/ Application fee - $ 200.00

Initial Deposit - One Month (refundable or Used in the last month with at least 30-day withdrawal notice)

Annual Supply Fee - $ 100.00 ( No Supply fee for online classes )


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