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Dive right into Tamil Class with our expert teacher. Our goal is to educate and spur our student's curiosity and allow them to learn at their own pace. Give your child the gift of learning an ancient language that is still prevalent in many countries. 



Class timings CST

Level 1 - Wait List

Level 2 Sunday 11-12 pm  
Level 3 Sunday 12-1pm 
Level 4 Sunday 1-2 pm 
Level 5 Sunday 2:30-3:30 pm 
Level 6 Sunday 9:30 -11 am 

Spoken Tamil : Sunday 3:30-4:30 pm


 Online Classes 

Cost: $100/ Term or $30/Month

Supply fee: $10.00/ year

About Teacher

Born to Teach -  Bhuma Kannan is every child's dream teacher!


Bhuma has a Bachelors in Electronic Science. She is originally from Chennai. She has been teaching Tamil  for 8+ years in Austin and is an experienced Tamil curriculum developer. 


What can I say, my fear was my kid growing up without having enough linkages to her roots and the richness of heritage she comes from! Surely I feel she is at the right place under the right teachers, who are kindling her interest in culture and a sense of belonging amidst a probable threat of identity crisis, kids like mine might otherwise face. You guys truly rock Ms. Hema and Ms. Bhuma and all the other teachers who have come together under the roof of Samskar and Parampara and truly upholding it under the banner of SamsPra! A true spirit of diversity, global outlook, and instilling the sense of pride and belongingness to places we come from and the places we are discovering along the way!

- Vani Kaushik

My Children, Neel and Diya adore Bhuma Miss. ❤️Thanks for the tremendous effort you put to make Tamil interesting for the kids! - Arasi

 My kids would have never learnt tamil if it was not for Ms.Bhuma. She goes to the level of the students rather than expecting the kid to adjust to the teacher.

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