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  • Improves writing skills

  • Enhances oratory skills

  • Promotes self-expression

  • Builds confidence 

  • Teaches Mindfulness


Welcome to the online Creative Writing Class. This class is designed to inspire students in an engaging way by sparking their imagination. Through mindfulness activities, students are able to tap into their innate creativity, think out of the box, and create vivid and engaging stories.

Students are encouraged to explore different genres of writing with a curious mindset. However, we don’t stop at just writing. We also present the stories, enact them, and express them visually through creating illustrations.

By combining writing, acting and illustrations, this class provides a safe and supportive environment where students can explore creativity and express themselves in new and exciting ways. So come join us and let’s bring our stories to life!



Disclaimer : Please note that the information and mindfulness activities in this class are not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, therapy or counseling. If you have any concerns about the mindfulness activities in this class please consult with a health care provider prior to enrolling the student.

A Girl in a Classroom


$240/ Term or $65/ Month

Monday to Friday 

4:00 - 6:00 pm CST

(45 min - 1 hr  per class) 

Ages 4 &UP


Online and Hybrid Classes


I really love this class because off all the fun writing things we do. On top of that, this creative writing class helped me and my team to come up with wonderful stories and ideas for skits that we used to complete the instant challenge in Destination Imagination (or DI).Without this class, we wouldn’t have made it to DI globals! Thanks so much for inspiring me and my team to make good stories and skits. 

I have been much more focused since I started. I love this because I have some hard work I need to finish sometimes, and this class provides training on focus in an interesting way. This class is very interactive and gives everyone a chance to voice their beliefs. In this class no one is afraid to voice what they believe and not feel embarrassed or regret what they said. 

- Krithin (Student)

Things I like about your class: helpful advice, easy to understand, flexible work, engaging topics.

- Aryan, student, Grade 11

Thanks a lot for such rejuvenating sessions for (my child). I see more wholesome value from this class, like character development, personality and confidence building, and mindfulness.


- Vani (Parent)

Ms Nayana connects really well with kids. She is patient and engages with kids of all age groups. Vidushee improved her writing skills and recently won a honorable award at a writing competition.
Wishing her much luck and success

- Sheetal (Parent)

Our 10 year old daughter goes to Creative Writing class at Samspra for over a year now. Her thought process and writing skills overall improved a lot after she joined this class. My daughter says that she enjoys the class a lot. I would highly recommend this class for kids.

-  Sailaja (Parent)

Creative Writing

About Teacher

Nayana Lahoti

... is passionate about developing leadership qualities among children. 


Nayana has a master's degree in Biochemistry. Her 23 years of working experience include different roles ranging from technology to sales. She is also a certified Life Coach.

She believes that effective communication is crucial and encourages mindfulness and active listening to foster a creative mindset in children. She is excited to teach Creative Writing and Public Speaking classes at Samspra! 

Conversational Hindi


Learn to read, write, and speak Hindi while having fun!

This course aims to improve fluency in spoken Hindi. Students will learn the fundamentals of the language so they can read, write, and expand their vocabulary. They will also be able to improve their existing knowledge as they learn about the many nuances of spoken Hindi.  

Classes are designed to be interactive, collaborative and fun.

Students who are new to Hindi will be guided in a thoughtful manner so they can learn the language easily and at a comfortable pace. 


240/ Term or $ 65/ Month

Monday 6 - 7 pm CST

Other times available on request

Ages 5 &UP



Online and Hybrid Classes

Contact school for details.


Nayana is an encouraging teacher who offers a practical start in conversational Hindi. She got us speaking simple sentences quickly and enabled our ability to exchange pleasantries, talk about the weather, ask about family, and more. I’m a yoga teacher and chose to do this course because I want honor yoga’s roots. I have found that learning a new language allows us to connect with others and find more similarities than differences. Working with her is keeping my mind nimble and open.

  -Stacy (Student)

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