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This course will teach the fundamentals of reading, writing, and speaking Hindi. We will begin with learning to read and write the Hindi alphabet, and then move on to simple words and matras.


Course material will include counting in Hindi, naming days of the week and months of the year, colors, naming family relations, and simple conversation in Hindi about day-to-day life. Students will learn also learn to say facts and current events in Hindi to build conversational Hindi vocabulary. 


For adults, learning may progress at a faster pace. The curriculum is custom-made to fit the learning needs of students: Project-based learning: Speaking, Reading, Writing. 

For Hindi comprehension, students may also be encouraged to watch Hindi movies/ clips or songs. 

   This class will teach students the basics of the Hindi language, and we will have a lot of fun in the process. ​             

Classes are conducted online for safety and comfort.

 Online classes may continue upon student request.  



Fees: $ 240/ Term or $ 65.00/Month

Class Timings: CST

               Weekends - No times available

       New Hindi Students 

       Please refer to Converstional Hindi)

Additional times/levels will be added as needed based on registrations.

About Teacher

Nothing can interfere with Ms. Pankaj Sharma's commitment to her students and her innovative ways to teach. Her journey as Samspra's Hindi teacher is a boon!

Ms. Sharma is originally from the state of Rajasthan in India. Professionally, she has Master’s degree in Electronics from Stanford University and works as a design engineer at AMD.Her native language is Hindi. Her passion to teach Hindi began when her daughter started kindergarten and switched from speaking fluent Hindi at home to speaking English. She wanted to make sure that her kids continue to learn their Mother tongue and can read/write/speak this language fluently. She started teaching them at home. Soon she realized that she would love to share her passion to teach this language to other students as well. She is excited to resume her teaching journey at Samspra Academy.


Ms. Pankaj, I like Hindi class because I learn Hindi poems, words, and writing. I liked learning म se Muskaan a lot. I like telling my grand parents the Hindi poems I learn with you. My favorite part is writing on the screen. I also love show-and-tell every class.
- Muskaan

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