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Art classes will involve projects, which students will be able to take home and use or give away as gifts! 

All classes will learn the basics of colors, the art of mixing, and how to get comfortable with brush strokes. The classes are suitable for Ages 4 & Up and will factor in each student’s ability and level.

We welcome you to learn art in a systematic method! 

Sunday - (Ages 4 & Up) - 11.30  -12.30 pm

Thursday - (Ages 4 & Up) - 7.00 - 8.00 pm

Classes are conducted online for safety and comfort.

 Online classes may continue upon student request.  


Pencil Drawing & Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Cost: $ 200.00/Term or $55.00/Month
One time supply fee - $10

Waiting list for In person Class






Vishnu Sahasranamam

Devi and Narashimha Kavacham

Hanuman Chalisa

Daily Slokas & more…

Fees: $ 140.00/ Term or $40 /Month   

Level 1: Sunday 10:30 CST

Level 2:  Sunday 12:30 CST
VS & Adults: Sunday 3-4 pm CST

Classes are conducted online for safety and comfort.

 Online classes may continue upon student request.  


In today’s world, we have distanced ourselves from the soul of our scriptures and superficially focus more on the stories. Understanding Sanathana dharma - the way of life becomes essential.

About the class

1.    Introduction.

2.    Look beyond stories and understand the Vedic truths as illustrated in our Puranas.

3.    Theatrical role plays at the end of each topic.

4.    Unlearning the misconceptions


Fees: $ 140.00/ Term or 

$40 /Month 

 Beginners: Sunday 1.30 pm CST

Intermediate level: Sunday 12.30 pm CST

Classes are conducted online for safety and comfort.

 Online classes may continue upon student request.  

Santhana Dharma


Art and Painting

Drawing and Painting have been Prema's passion and she has been painting since she was in elementary school. She comes from a family of artists. She has been teaching art classes for 8 years in Austin. She enjoys colors, creating images and loves the look of pride on the kid's face when they have created something beautiful on their own.


Sloka  and Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism) class

for Children


Prema has been teaching Hinduism and sloka for kids in South Austin for the past 8 years. She believes that kids should be taught our Hindu culture through stories, the Epics, songs, and slokas. Chanting Vishnusahasranamam (Thousand names of Lord Vishnu) is known to enhance the health and happiness of children in the home, improves memory and promote their overall welfare.


My kids are with Samspra for 2 year now. They have got excellent teachers...Ms Prema, their Sloka teachers is so nice and teaches all our Hindu traditions in the form of Slokas along with its meaning and significance. They have learnt the full version of Vishu Sahasarnamam. Teaching kids is an art and Ms. Prema has mastered it well. Thanks for being their teacher.

- Bhargavi (Ashish and Ashika mom)

“Ms. Prema’s calm and caring is awesome. She is very patient in teaching the kids.”

-Sloka Parent

My twin 6 year olds have been with Prema ma'am for more than a year. They have learnt many slokas and prayer songs. They are now learning Hanuman Chalisa with interest. Prema Mam is patient, consistent and  balances well between teaching slogams as well as encouraging kids to share/listen Hindu mythology stories. The kids especially look forward to the end of semester play and put a lot of creative energy in to it. Between the two of them my kids have acted as Ravana,  Sarawati ,Ganesha and Narada. It's fun and wonderful way to keep kids involved in Hindu cultures.

-Ms Arasi (Dhiya and Neel's mom)

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