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  • Beginner and advanced levels available for children and adults. 

  • Children will be divided into groups of 4 based on their prior knowledge.

  • Adult classes will be conducted separately.

Classical Hindustani Vocal:  

Alankars, Ragas will be decided according to the age and learning capability of the student. Raga Parichay will be discussed in each class along with the concept of Taal.

Practice exercises will be given in each class as homework.

Bollywood &/or Folk Songs:

Students can choose any songs they wish to learn.

Songs will be taught along with Parichay of the Raga and Taal.


Tagore Songs will be taught along with knowledge of the Taal the song is based on. 



Classes are conducted online for safety and comfort.

 Online classes may continue upon student request.  

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Private & Group Lessons: Ages 4 & above


$600 / Term or 155/Month

Weekday evenings 

5- 7pm CST

In person classes every third Sunday morning.

Classical Hindustani Vocal

About Teacher

Rituparna Banerjee

Rituparna performs  at venues, all over India and the US! 


Music is close to her heart and has had a positive impact all her life. She is continually inspired to provide the same experience to the younger generation. 

Having witnessed firsthand the beauty of Indian classical music and its multitude of forms, she is passionate to teach at Samspra Academy.
She is confident her experience teaching and performing for multicultural audience has instilled the values necessary to cater to the atmosphere at Samspra, where the excellent endeavor of giving the gift of tradition to the youngsters has been undertaken. She is delighted to teach. 


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