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Indian Classic Vocal

Indian Classical Vocal

Learn Swar, Alankar, Thaat, Taal, Raag, Alap, Tana.

This class provides a strong foundation to beginners, and allows them to explore the basic elements of melody and rhythm to improve musical notes. The student develops proper  breathing techniques, vocal pitching, voice toning, listening skills, and matching pitch with the Harmonium to advanced concepts of Indian Classical Vocal.

Light Music (Bollywood, Ghazals, Devotional) 

Beginners to avid singers, learn to sing your favorite songs, be it soul-stirring devotional songs, or melodious Ghazals or up-beat Bollywood songs, we make learning fun and easy for all ages and levels. Learn step by step lyrics, swar, and finer nuances such as the inflections and ornamentations - Become confident to perform in events and celebrations.

Hybrid Classes
Tuesday:  7-8 pm,  8-9 pm
Saturday: 2-3 pm,   3-4 Pm

Promotional Offer: Free Preview Session
$ 600/ Term or 155/ Month (Group)
$ 800/ Term or 205/ Month (Private)

Hybrid Classes (1 In-person and 3-4 Online/Month)

Supplies Required: Water bottle, notebook and writing utensils

About Teacher

                            Priya’s music journey started at the young age of five from her Guru, Smt. Geeta Joshi. Priya is a Sangeet Visharad in Hindustani Classical Singing. Her quest for learning in the field of music continues today and she performs in musical events, festivals, weddings, and community programs since childhood in various cities in India and USA.  

Priya was published on Voyage Austin magazine.
She has charmed and enthralled the audience in India and USA by her melodious renditions, and graceful personality. She continues 
to overwhelm her audience through her music performances! Being a versatile singer,
her genres go beyond Bollywood songs, Ghazal’s, and Marathi songs.

                        Priya Gokhale’s finesse, crisp, clear voice coupled with her impeccable pronunciations of Hindi, Marathi and Urdu languages have won her accolades.

Coming from a small-town middle-class family, she has always inculcated values of growing together in a community. She is also an avid writer and speaker. She would like to uplift and empower people across the globe and continue to connect with people through Music and Inspire them through her thought-provoking articles.

Priya is passionate about teaching at Samspra. 

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