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Kids Playing with Chalk

Welcome To Samspra Academy.

You have made the right choice to enroll with us!

Choose your classes, complete the online registration, Pay & attend!

Indian Classical Dance
Traditional Indian Drums
Painting Eggs

Samspra’s Best practices for online Learning 

1. Coming prepared for class with required supplies, class print outs.

2.Eat a healthy meal prior to class This is very important. 

3. If you do not have access to printer, make sure you manually create your class printout template as close as you can. Class sheets are sent by the teachers prior to class. 

3. Login in and log off on time. ( including assigned breaks and returning) 

4. Display only student's First and Last Name. 

5. During Class: 

    A. Mute your Audio until your turn arrives and or prompted by teacher. 

    B. Keep video on at all times. If you need to turn off the video for some reason, notify your class      teacher ahead of time or immediately while doing so. This is for safety of the student and to minimize any class disruptions. 

   C. Ensure your device is charged properly and ready to use. Charge as needed during class or during break, in order to avoid running out of charge while the sessions are on.

For any questions or clarification please feel free to contact us anytime.

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