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Pre K Program for Ages 4-5

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 Samspra Academy's  Pre K- 4 Excellence programs provide a balanced learning environment and a learner-centered climate where students foster a desire to explore.

Students are treated with genuine affection & warmth. 

Give the benefit of a safe, family-friendly learner environment for your growing child!

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Hours of Online Class Operation & Tuition

(Classes may resume in person as soon as COVID -19 situation relaxes)

Days:  Monday- Friday 

Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Number of Students: Only 3- 6 students / class. 

Rotation Schedule: Your child will rotate with at least  two different teachers for different subjects

Students will learn:

Math, Vocab Building, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Science, Movement,

Art, Painting,  Handwriting Improvement

Tuition - $ 290.00/ Month



Annual, non-refundable Registration/ Application fee - $ 200.00

Initial Deposit - One Month (refundable or Used in the last month with at least 30-day withdrawal notice)

Annual Supply Fee - $ 100.00 ( No Supply fee for online classes )

Early Childhood Excellence Pre K -4 Overview


          Samspra Academy is committed to provide a well-rounded program to develop the intellectual, physical, emotional and social skills of our students. Our students are being prepared to be full participants in their culture and community. Our Critical thinking, Creative time and cultural activities promote a balanced educational environment.


          Age- appropriate creative and critical thinking STEAM Activities enhance curiosity in early development stages and allows young minds to explore the world using the self- interest and developmental stages.

  • Every Day Living Skills

  • STEAM Activities: Critical thinking and developing inquiry based hands -on labs

  • Cultural Activities: Includes geography – Children learn the world around us, various continents, water bodies, global culture, traditions, food with an attitude of respect and admiration.

  • Language Development: Allows and encourages communication and proper usage.

  • Arts & Music

  • Theater & Drama

  • Public Speaking & Presentations

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