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Welcome To Samspra Academy PreK - Grade 3.

A perfect balance of keeping curiosity & Knowledge along with

enjoying friendships

Samspra Academy: Commitment to Quality is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Curious Girl
Chemistry Students

How to Apply: We have rolling admission policy.

Apply early to save a spot.

Complete the online waitlist application.  

Submit required admission paperwork




We follow Austin ISD Calendar and holiday schedule.




  • Our Program are not limited by age but by learning styles and development.

  • Suggested age applies during initial enrollment.

  • Apart from listed ELR, Math, Science, Technology, Art, music, theater & health education, Samspra offers Other Electives Include, but are not limited to:

  1. Exposure to global culture

  2. Classical dance

  3. Music & Arts

  4. Shloka/Moral Values

  5. Epics & Mythology

  6. Languages in addition to English

  7. Theater/ Performance Opportunities 


Samspra developed a unique "SEKS Excellence in Class" curriculum based on the brain-based curriculum research and theories from educational, philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives, focusing on STEAM, Arts & Culture, Language development, Sensorial, everyday living skills, and moral values starting in early childhood needed for life and success.  


Our Early Childhood program is one step ahead. It includes Preschool Excellence, Kinder Excellence,  Elementary Excellence and Grades 1-3

Samspra Early Childhood Excellence Curriculum goals

  • Providing our students with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence and expose to multicultural enrichment education.

  • Building strong moral character, based on the principles of integrity, honesty and sincerity, respect for others, property and other resources, coupled with a strong sense of responsibility.

  • To increase independence in meeting and solving problems.

  • To promote confidence, positive self-esteem, self-discipline.

  • To foster an appreciation and acceptance of the multicultural world we live in.

  • To further intellectual development by fostering cognitive learning, concept formation, self-awareness and curiosity.

  • To be prepared for the next grade level life at school and in day to day living skills.


Samspra Essential Knowledge & Skills (SEKS):  SEKS learning standards focus on all areas of learning. It not only describes what children need to know, be able to do and master at a certain age. It also pays attention to what children are interested in, helps teachers plan themes and projects that help children expand their knowledge and skills in different areas. Teachers use SEKS standards to balance learning & teaching methods and to differentiate needs of the individual child, while SEKS standards help children to get a deeper understanding of a subject when they can make connections across several content areas. 


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