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 Mission and Vision


To develop the next generation of noble leaders

to be dedicated, 

to acquire knowledge along with goodness,

to be confident,

devoted to upholding strong moral values  

 and being mindful of self and their surroundings

by exposing students sufficiently to a

well-rounded *balanced academic and cultural education.








Samspra Academy is designed to help our students grow both in and out of

the classroom. 


Amidst the cacophony of the world that is immersed in differences you will need a haven for you and your children, a school like Samspra Academy to find oneness, to see and learn the fundamental truth of the Universe:

"ekam sath vipraha bahudha vadanthi"


 Not learning just in theory but by social experiments on different languages, global culture, fine arts, Mathematics, and Science.

Bringing all under one roof.  


  * Providing students opportunities to collaborate, explore, and experience, learning core Academic Education (Reading, Writing, Science, Math & Technology) along with Fine Arts & Global Cultural Enrichment Education (Music, Arts, Crafts, Languages, Slokas, Dance, Yoga) in a safe, nurturing, lively and learner-friendly environment. 


Samspra prepares the student to live intelligent, thoughtful, and have fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society.


We believe, providing balanced academic and enrichment learning, is the key to cultivating and sustaining the curiosity and potential among the younger generation by enriching them to lead a successful life!

A New  & Innovative school where Education & Experiences create a brighter future.

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