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Welcome to Samspra Studio  Website


Samspra Studio is an entertaining, live platform where we come together as a community and showcase our talent. The intention is to not compete but to be comfortable and have fun all along the way. 


Samspra Academy believes in making a difference. 

As an Educational institution, with a noble cause in mind, Samspra's takes its responsibility above and beyond:

  • Providing balanced-experiential learning

  • Enhancing Experiences 

  • Creating beautiful, lasting memories, 

  •   Adding value to Teachers, Parents and Students

  • Development of the community as a whole. 


SAMSPRA STUDIO is a Product of Samspra Commitment to Making a difference!


 Its time to put all the unending hard efforts of learning behind. Bring yourself, create & have fun. 


 Show Hosts

Celebrity Guests

Participants: Any one who would like to be or become Famous or would like to Showcase Talent!

 (Ages 4 - Adults)

We have something for everyone



When was the last time you danced happily in the rain, jumped in the puddles without having to worry about school, work, routine  cleaning... laugh, create and be yourself 

Come explore, express and showcase your talent and skills. 


Live Telecast and Broadcast: Samspra Facebook & YouTube

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