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Transformative Yoga - For Wellbeing @ Samspra

For Students of all ages (3 to Adults) Online or In-person Learning Swami Ananda Nadayogi


Yoga is a natural way of living in perfect peace, health & happiness. Yoga helps one to understand the universal laws of nature and to live accordingly in harmony with the existence and with oneself. This ancient Science & Art which originated in India, helps to know oneself and equips one to face the realities of life much better. Any education is to know things outside of us. We are at a loss when it comes to handling our own emotional ups and downs. One who regularly practices and adopts the lifestyle of Yoga will develop a sound mind and a healthy body. He will be unruffled in any critical life situation and can work without stress or strain. Work efficiency of a person who practices Yoga automatically multiplies manifolds.

Basically Yoga is all about knowing oneself fully. What do we really mean when we normally say "I"? Is there anything other than this body & mind in our personal experience? Perfect synthesis of this body & mind is the aim of Yoga. Yoga literally means union. Yoga is prevalent in different names and forms. All are paths leading to the same goal. Depending upon one's physical and mental states, the desirable path can be chosen. A teacher or a scripture may just give the necessary guidance and inspiration. But one has to walk the path by oneself.

Yoga can be practiced by people coming from any walk of life. Yoga is secular, non-sectarian and universal in nature. People of any religion, creed, sex, age, nationality, color, profession, status and education can easily take on to yoga. The only tools required to learn and practice Yoga are the body and the mind. If they are already healthy, Yoga facilitates the maintenance and prevents ill-health. If there are problems at the physical or the mental levels, Yoga helps to eradicate them and to balance the system. Yoga needs to be an integral part of one's daily life. Any disease of the body can be traced back to deficiency of regular, systematic physical exercise, wrong food habits and lack of the right kind of relaxation. Any problem of the mind originates from wrong attitudes and improper way of living against the existential laws. Yoga has a holistic approach to life and health with no side effects.

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