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Check back for the upcoming 2023 Summer Camp information
New Schedule and details are updated during March-April 2023

Past Summer Sessions

Students with no structured environment or educational opportunities fall behind 3-6 months during summer. To avoid this and to ensure learning continuity, Samspra has created a program to keep your child entertained, and challenged at the same time - No matter where you live, or where you go to school enroll at Samspra and benefit from our

IN Person or Online Summer Sessions.

Give Your Child An Enriching & Memorable Summer

1. Theme Based Summer Camp 

June 1- August 20

2022 and 2021: Free Summer Courses by Mentor Teachers ( Registration Full)-Closed

 Tuition: None or waived for existing students

This is simply Samspra's way of giving back to our community!

Enrichment, Academics and Test Preparations (SAT & ACT)

for Ages 7 to 17

Programming, Math, Science, Reading & Writing

June 15- July 31  

2020-2021 Summer Session 


9 am-2 pm

Sloka, yoga, music, dance, debate, art, Programming, Math, Science, Reading & Writing


 Weekly Summer Classes 

( Free Registration for Summer )

 Selective Classes offered in Summer, Contact Us for details

May 1- August 31

A Girl in a Classroom

                                                                               Summer Session policy ​

  •  Come prepared for class with required class supplies 

  • Login in and log off on time. ( including assigned breaks and returning) .

  • Wear appropriate clothing to class. 

  • Encourage students to learn independently during class. 

  • Once your class session is complete, wait for the next session teacher to begin. 

  • Display student's First and Last Name. 

  • Ensure you are not hungry or tired during the class. 

  • If unable to attend a class, notify the teacher ahead of time

  • No makeup class for student absences 

  • During Class: 

    A. Mute your audio until your turn arrives and or prompted by the teacher. 

    B. Keep the video on at all times. If you need to turn off the video for some reason, notify your class teacher ahead of time or immediately while doing so. This is for the safety of the student and to minimize any class disruptions. 

   C. Ensure your device is charged properly and ready to use. Charge as needed during class or during the break, in order to avoid running out of charge while the sessions are on.


Planned activities may subject to change, keeping in mind the safety of students, inclement weather, and any unavoidable conditions. ​

                                                                                 Cancellation policy

If a cancellation request is received 30-days or more before the 1st day of the camp, Samspra will provide  tuition refund. For cancellation requests received 15 days prior to the 1st of the camp, Samspra will provide a partial tuition refund. Cancellation requests received less than 14 days prior to the camp will receive No refunds and Failure to make payment on the due date will cancel the participant’s registration. The registration fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee. 

 Agree to Samspra Waiver of Liability and school policies included with Summer Registration form.

     We prefer small groups, so secure your child spot today. 

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