Thank you Teacher Anand.

                    We are very grateful for your kind and patient teaching and inspiring Nilani with your 3rd/4th Speeds :-)

- Vasini and Kapilan

Thanks a lot for such a rejuvenating sessions for. I see more wholesome value from the Creative Writing class, like character development,personality and confidence buliding and mindfulness. I have signed up for class again. Also thanks you for the gift you mailed!
- Anagha

When the going gets tough, the tough get going ...

Thank you Samspra Academy for all your efforts- giving us the opportunity to learn and perform during the 2020- 21 COVID-19 times. Wonderful 3rd and 4th Annual Performances! - Radha V

If you are looking for an awesome online cultural enrichment/arts/camp for your child, please consider Samspra Academy! Both of my girls are longtime Samspra students, and the owner,

Hema Raja is a dear friend. She is also a Texas certified science teacher, an exquisite classical dancer, and an all-around ray of sunshine! 

(I am making this recommendation as a Samspra parent and fan of Hema, and not as an AISD trustee!)

- Arati Singh

What can I say, my fear was my kid growing up without having enough linkages to her roots and the richness of heritage she comes from! Surely I feel she is at the right place under the right teachers, who are kindling her interest in culture and a sense of belonging amidst a probable threat of identity crisis, kids like mine might otherwise face. You guys truly rock Ms. Hema and Ms. Bhuma and all the other teachers who have come together under the roof of Samskar and Parampara and truly upholding it under the banner of SamsPra! A true spirit of diversity, global outlook, and instilling the sense of pride and belongingness to places we come from and the places we are discovering along the way!- Vani Kaushik

Shiva, my 9-year old son said he loved Samspra Academy summer camp!!! I didn’t expect that Shiva would sit at all in the zoom sessions for that long. You folks did a great job engaging him. And new concepts were introduced which we didn’t think before!!! - Sridevi 

Millions and billions of thanks to Samspra parents and students to make the event successful and real. I am grateful to you for all the things you did.

 - Shuvra Modak

Congratulations Samspra Academy on being named "Global Cultural School". This is a HUGE accomplishment that is achieved in less than 3 years. We are very proud of the amazing leader and dedicated teachers. We are proud to be part of Samspra Academy! -Vidhya

Ms. Hema

Thank you for your support. People like you are my true inspiration to do more. I look forward for your performances everywhere.

 - Dr. Rupa

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and spending time with all of my knitting class peers on Sunday at Samspra. Looking forward to the next phase of the class.

- Janani

Thank you so much Anand Sir for working with the students patiently and maintaining their love for music.

You're appreciated more than you know!


The Raj family; The Bharat family & The Anil family

Our kids started classical vocal lessons at Samspra with Shri Ananda Nadayogi in the summer of 2017 when they were 7 & 5. It is a true blessing and the kids are so excited to learn the art of Carnatic music. We are so glad our kids' musical journey started with such an esteemed teacher in a great setting.

Following my kids, I have returned to learning Carnatic vocal lessons at Samspra with
Smt.Radhika Venkatasubramaniam. She is an excellent teacher who motivates me to pursue my best in each and every class.

Smt.Hema Raja the head of Samspra is very approachable and a kind person. We are glad to be learning at Samspra - Anitha Jayaraman

Music can be therapeutic. It is one of the things that bonds my teenage son and me. My son always wanted to learn the piano but lost interest within one month of learning basics in India. Nothing could motivate him to learn piano again cause he was bored with the repetitive learning of notes as a beginner. After we moved to Austin last year,  he started getting more and more interested in Electronic Dance Music. But in order to create EDM music, you need to first be able to take out the tune on the piano. He became restless and showed interest in learning the piano again. 


After speaking to Ms. Rekha, Piano Teacher at Samspra Academy,  I realized that she personalizes her classes according to the child’s interest. It is not a typical class. She brings it down to the child’s level and interest. She spoke to him in her own sweet way about his interests and what he wanted to learn. My son waits for her class. I thought of sharing my experience as a parent because  I saw him taking out a difficult tune on his own yesterday. He has always loved this one particular song and managed to figure out the tune. Teachers can be the most powerful motivation and I am grateful to Ms. Rekha for bringing that spark back again.  

_ Sharmi B

"I started playing (piano) when I was 6 years old in Bangalore, India, and I left piano there because I found it very boring. But, after I started Rekha Ma'am's class, I found it fun because she let me play the pieces I wanted to play, and she helped me find fun in piano; in music. Even during breaks and free time, I play piano and try (to) learn new pieces because of her."

-Vivaan Bansal, at Samspra winter recital, 12/20/20

Would like to convey my heartiest congratulations to Samspra for Student Arangetram the other day !!! All her pieces were beautifully done and the abhinaya pieces were amazing !!!!

I now know that arangetram is a beautiful teacher-student journey based on trust, hard work and mutual respect and it was a pleasure to watch your student !!

Congratulations again!

Loved it


My Kids are with Samspra for 2 year now. They have got excellent teacher. They go for sloka class. Ms Prema, their sloka teachers is so nice and teaches all our Hindu traditions in the form of slokas along with its meaning and significance. They have learnt the full version of Vishu Sahasarnamam. Teaching kids is an art ans Ms Prema has matered itwell. Thanks for being their teacher

- Ms Bhargavi (Ashish and Ashika mom)

“Ms. Prema’s calm and caring is awesome. She is very patient in teaching the kids.”

-Sloka Parent

My twin 6 year olds have been with Prema mam for more than a year. They have learnt many slokas and prayer songs. They are now learning Hanuman Chalisa with interest. Prema Mam is patient , consistent and  balances well between teaching slogams as well as encouraging kids to share/listen Hindu mythology stories. The kids especially look forward to the end of semester play and put a lot of creative energy in to it. Between the two of them my kids have acted as Ravana,  Sarawati ,Ganesha and Narada. It's fun and wonderful way to keep kids involved in Hindu cultures.

-Ms Arasi(Dhiya and Neels mom)

Other Anonymous Testimonials
  1.  Teachers and students here are committed to learning, growth, development and fun. Their learning method empowers students to ask insightful questions, explore.

  2. Hema Raja guided my daughter to a beautiful culmination of dance studies, and a base for future exploration of the realm.

  3.  Classes are conducted at a convenient South Austin location, Westlake area, and Westgate  location in Austin TX

  4.   Samspra Yoga classes bring unique expertise on yoga and music to the world of mental and physical healing sciences. It connects with students at a very deep level allowing change to take place naturally.  Enjoy bringing positive change to others each day.

  5. Radhika is an eminent Carnatic music practitioner and instructor of fine standards. She is very patient and knowledgeable. She is all the more competent in imparting enthusiasm and love for music in her students.